Servo Europe s.r.o. accepts the following payment methods

a) Bank transfer
It is possible to make a payment via bank transfer after we issue an invoice or proforma invoice to you. All bank fees must be paid by the customer. The money must be sent to a bank account of the same currency as the issued invoice or proforma invoice.

If you want to pay in a other currency than EUR, please contact us directly at and we will send you a Proforma invoice in the corresponding currency. We accept payments in EUR, USD, GBP and CZK.

b) Debit, Credit card (via GoPay portal)
Payment by card is enabled when purchasing goods in our e-shop. We accept cards Visa and MasterCard.

c) PayPal
Payment by PayPal is enabled for payment of an issued proforma invoice. When paying via PayPal we charge a fee of 4,28% of the selling price including the shipping fee and VAT (if applicable). If you wish to pay via PayPal you must inform us about it before we issue the proforma invoice.

Bank details:

Bank name: Fio Banka, a.s.
Bank address: V Celnici 1028/10, 117 21 Praha 1, Česká republika
Beneficiary: Servo Europe s.r.o.


Bank account (CZK): IBAN: CZ2520100000002502117646 (Acc. No.: 2502117646/2010)
Bank account (EUR): IBAN: CZ9420100000002402117649 (Acc. No.: 2402117649/2010)
Bank account (USD): IBAN: CZ1220100000002902117653 (Acc. No.: 2902117653/2010)
Bank account (GBP): IBAN: CZ0320100000002502117654 (Acc. No.: 2502117654/2010)