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Most electric circuits are fitted with a circuit breaker. Circuit breaker protects the electric circuit against overcurrent, overload and short circuit that can cause substantial damage to often expensive technology. Soft starts are used for a more gentle start of the electro motor thus protecting it from damage during the initial stage. We supply circuit breakers and soft starts according to your requirements.

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140M-C2E-B40 140M-C2E-B40 Code: P00084 Quick info Allen-Bradley 140M-C2E-B40 In stock € 99 excl. VAT
(4 PCS in stock)
3VA2325-7MS32-0AA0 3VA2325-7MS32-0AA0 Code: P00060 Quick info Siemens 3VA2325-7MS32-0AA0 In stock € 1 366 excl. VAT
(1 PCS in stock)