About us

We are a family-run, dynamically growing company succeeding many years‘ tradition of our sister company Servo Europe Limited that we established in the United Kingdom in 2014. Both companies operate separately and independently to ensure the best services for our clients. Yet they remain partners that share experience, and know-how and endorse the same values. Embracing values such as honesty, responsibility, sustainable development, loyalty and effectiveness helped us win the trust and loyalty of our customers and build a global supplier network. We cherish good relations throughout the supply chain which help us keep our customers happy across all industries and all continents. Let’s begin a new chapter together. Let us take care of the supply of your industrial electronic products.

Our services include the supply and repair of electronic parts applied in the control, regulation, automation and robotisation of industrial processes. We can promptly react to breakdown situations and deliver a spare part within 24 hours so you can resume production with minimum delay. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) surely appreciate that we are often able to shorten long, several months lead time, to a mere few weeks. It does not matter whether you require a spare inverter for a mining machine in Brazil or a few sensors to fill your spare parts inventory for your pharmaceutical production line somewhere in Europe. We always do our best to fulfil your need for parts no matter your situation, size, industry sector and location.

Portfolio of the product we distribute cover drives, converters, servomotors, sensors, PLC, cameras, touch panels, control panels (HMI), frequency inverters, power supplies, servo amplifiers, encoders, circuit breakers, soft starts, CPUs, communication cards and modules, analogue and digital I/O modules, industrial PCs, teach pendants, robotics and more.

We supply the above electronic products made by a variety of manufacturers, however, we focus on the brands of Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Omron, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Schneider, Keyence, ABB, Control Techniques, Indramat, Heidenhain.

Do you use old technology and don’t have a clue where to get a spare, discontinued servo amplifier for example? You are at the right address. We want your old technology to keep running as long as possible. There is no need to invest a fortune into new technology. We can quickly supply discontinued and end-of-life parts from most major brands. Don’t worry, we don’t deliver junk that will stop working after a couple of days. All parts from us are tested, fully functional and under warranty. In addition, if you send us back your malfunctioning unit we give you a discount on the new one.

Though we are specialists in discontinued, legacy series and hard-to-obtain parts, we supply current line models from many major brands as well. But why would you send us an RFQ when you get a nice discount with your local distributor or the manufacturer directly? Possibly the lead time you have been given is too long and you cannot afford to wait three to six months or longer for the material you need. Yes, the price with your usual supplier is advantageous however, the lead time is an issue, you don’t want to wait, you want to keep the production running. Try us. In most cases, we can reduce the official distribution channel lead to 4 weeks or less. Contact us today. You have nothing to lose.

Due to the immense number of models from all the manufacturers that are on the market, it is not possible to have even a fraction of them in stock. Even so, we can quickly secure the parts you require within our reliable supply chain and timely deliver them to you. However, we do have some parts in stock and you are welcome to check our e-shop.